Enable full traceability in a trusted chain of custody

Gain visibility of data throughout an entity's journey and lifecycle across geographies, partners, and partners' clouds.

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Share and access accurate, trusted data

Constantly accurate

Vendia’s data-sharing platform keeps data constantly accurate and up-to-date as it moves across your partner network.

Complete history

Gain visibility into changes and updates to your sensitive data as moves through workflows, clouds, and partners.

Tamperproof and trusted

Ensure that the lifecycle of your data is visible, immutable, and trusted amongst all your permissioned partners.

Trusted data sharing with visibility and control

Share sensitive data throughout its entire lifecycle without sacrificing visibility and governance.

Vendia Share provides real-time data sharing with strong governance. All updates and transactions are captured in a fully auditable, tamperproof ledger so you gain full visibility into the critical data as it moves through sharing workflows across clouds and partners.

Proving chain of custody in regulated industries

Financial Services

Deliver trusted reporting on the history of transactions, loans, policies, and more — without all the manual analysis and data gathering.

Supply chain

Track product DNA across a vast partner network. With Vendia, you gain visibility of change across the supply chain.


Ensure visibility of a tamper-proof lineage as parts move from partners through factories to dealers.


Track ticketing, settlements, and loyalty transactions across partners and programs.

Proof delivered in less than a week

Deliver a working proof-of-concept to prove chain of custody when sharing real-time data, including a partner integration, in five business days.

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