Unlock growth with a trusted golden record

Use Vendia Share to transform partner data sharing into real-time data collaboration

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Eliminate data discrepancies for good

Instantly, accurately reconcile data from inside and outside your four walls — no matter how many (or messy) your partner systems, clouds, companies, or inputs.

Take manual interventions out of the mix and gain speed and truth with Vendia Share.

Meet Vendia Share

Trust is the key to secure, sustainable growth

The average data breach costs +$9MM.

How much is it worth to maintain localized control of sensitive data? And what if you also had a built-in ledger for compliant collaboration and auditability?

Source: IBM | 2022 Data Breach Report

From 2012-2019, the 20 largest global banks paid $327B in fines for mis-selling financial products.

How can you reduce exposures with smart, tamperproof, and traceable data collaboration?

Source: Accenture | Competing with Banking Ecosystems

Why leaders trust Vendia Share

Drive operational efficiency and generate new revenue streams

With Vendia Share, financial services firms can access and share the data they need to take real-time action with agility, ingenuity, and confidence.

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Trusted golden record

Make informed business decisions and reduce exposure based on a secure, compliant, golden record you and all your data sharing partners can collaborate on — and trust.

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Real-time everything

Operate nimbly with real-time reconciliation, trade settlement, and payment processing to better manage resources, respond to risks, and serve opportunities with confidence.

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Streamline third-party audits

Deliver faster, more accurate reporting with built-in compliance processes that draw on immutable data records and deliver Truth as a service to regulators and auditors.

A line icon in Vendia aqua; a stopwatch with the second hand at about 15 seconds

Fast, effective claims management

Save your team and your customers from headaches and mistakes by streamlining cross-insurer claims investigation. Also eliminate data duplication and reduce disputes.

A line icon in Vendia aqua; four non-binary human busts (like Beethoven on a piano) are arranged in north, east, south, west position around a fifth bust; they are all the same size; the four arranged in cardinal positions are connected by a single, continuous line suggesting 360 degrees

Compliant customer centricity

From loan origination to servicing details, get a 360-view of your customer data so you can manage risk and offer new financial products appropriately.

A line icon in Vendia aqua; a single cloud is penetrated from the bottom by an arrow; the arrow is open and on its own would look like a house icon

Insurance coverage unification and reinsurance data collaboration

House all siloed product data in a single, unified view that streamlines insurance sales and improves customer experience.

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