Operate with supply chain transparency and resiliency

Hedge against end-to-end risks with Vendia Share for supply chain data collaboration

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Collaborate with single, unified, end-to-end view that builds trust

Whether you need a platform to build your own data sharing solution or a platform to connect all your supply chain partners' unique platforms, Vendia Share gives you the speed, agility, and governance you need for real-time visibility into the data outside your four walls.

Vendia Share is built on the best of blockchain, API, database, and cloud technology. Supply chain partners can operate — in real real-time — from a single source of truth.

Meet Vendia Share

Optimize for cost-efficiency without sacrificing resiliency using Vendia Share

Data collaboration on Vendia Share

increases labor productivity by almost 2 hours per week

Companies using Vendia Share

reduce data processing times by up to three weeks

On average, Vendia Share customers spend

87% less time investigating and resolving data inconsistencies

Identify bottlenecks and minimize disruptions

Vendia Share gives you supplier transparency, product traceability, and complete data governance across your value chain.

Avoid global purges

  • Identify bad batches across the supply chain precisely and accurately
  • Reduce waste and costs by only purging what is required
  • Determine supplier process parameters for improved quality
  • Mitigate recalls and risk to brand reputation

Reduce lead times

  • Know who can do it cheaper, do it faster, and scale to meet demand
  • Streamline complex operations and reduce costs through automation
  • Identify bottlenecks or gaps that cause long order cycle times
  • Track and adjust for capacity based on supplier utilization

Take action in real time

  • Understand risk exposure and adapt quickly to unforeseen global events
  • Reduce operational risks and costs with end-to-end visibility you can trust
  • Respond to supplier security breaches quickly
  • Enhance reporting and analytics for better data-driven decisions

Track carbon emissions

  • Collect sustainability and regulatory data across the supplier network
  • Integrate emission data directly into sustainability reporting and pinpoint improvement areas
  • Share ESG metrics investors can trust
  • Substantiate provenance and value to customers

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