Connect Salesforce orgs

Rapidly build connections across your Salesforce orgs, without code.

Update shared data models in minutes and eliminate ongoing maintenance projects as your data model evolves.

Map standard and custom objects. Simply. Without code.

Don't rework your process automations

You have rich process automations across Salesforce orgs that save users time – keep it!

Vendia ensures your data is accurate, up-to-date, and can be trusted – and allows your users to leverage the automations they already rely on.

Gain a single source of truth, with control

Vendia gives you a common data model and a single source of truth for real-time sharing.

Get the security and fine-grained access control to ensure you only share the right information with the right parties at the right time.

Plus Vendia adheres to data privacy and security best practices, including ATI, PII, PCI, GDPR, and SOC2.

Upgrade your data sharing

Unlock critical data and extend the reach of your Salesforce org with real-time data sharing.

Share any kind of data – from strategic account contacts, activities, and opportunities, to contracts, routings, and inventory.

And do it across Salesforce orgs, departments, partners, other clouds, and non-standard data models ... all in your own CRM.

Onboard in days

Connect multiple orgs, departments, and partners in days, not months.

Vendia makes it easy and painless to onboard partners – even when they run in other clouds – all without writing any code.

Proof delivered in less than a week

Deliver a working proof-of-concept of your real-time data sharing app, including a Salesforce org or partner integration, in five business days.

Let us help you succeed in sharing. For free.