Cut up to 93% of manual reconciliation costs

Use Vendia Share for automatic reconciliation and bring trust to your shared and partner data — fast.

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Instant and accurate

Vendia’s real-time data sharing replaces manual reconciliation, ensuring data is constantly accurate and up-to-date.

Trusted copy of truth

Share data with confidence and control knowing that data from multiple sources is trusted, verifiable, and auditable.

Multi-party, multi-cloud

Vendia Share provides real-time data sharing across the canyons of departments, applications, companies, and clouds.

Trusted data sharing, with control

Share sensitive data without sacrificing control and governance.

Vendia Share provides real-time data sharing with fine-grained access control. All updates and transactions are captured in a fully auditable, tamper-proof ledger so you can prove you shared the right data with the right people at the right time.

Real-time reconciliation in regulated industries

Financial Services

Close books faster with fewer errors. Financial institutions can leave batch processes behind and reduce manually reconciling data from hundreds of sources.

Supply chain

Gain a trusted and immutable source of truth. Supply chain partners can ensure data is instantly accurate and shared with standards and control to protect IP.


Eliminate manual reconciliation of data coming from multiple systems and companies. Data sharing workflows are automated with privacy and access control built in.


Avoid batch processing delays and ensure that fare, loyalty, and ticket updates happen in real time with proof of data accuracy and ATI compliance.

Automation lowers costs by as much as 93% — quickly

In a recent survey, we found a customer won a 93% reduction in costs by automating reconciliation across multiple sources.

They saved $1.4MM in Year 1 with Vendia Share.

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