A trusted, single source of truth

Vendia gives you a common data model and a single source of truth for real-time sharing across all partners.

From carbon emission data to assembly line tracking, customers rely on Vendia to track-and-trace inventory, emissions, parts & warranty data, and shipping information across partners.

Get the security and fined-grained access control to ensure you only share the right information with the right parties at the right time.

Real-time, operational data sharing

Vendia excels when sharing real-time, rapidly changing data.

With millisecond-level reads and 70k TPS, you get the high scale and low latency required for sharing operational data, at scale, with partners around the world.

Onboard partners in minutes

Connect partners in minutes, not months.

Vendia makes it easy and painless to onboard partners – even when they run in other clouds – all without writing any code.

See how we helped BMW accelerate delivery and lower COGS

Learn how Vendia helped BMW make data-driven improvements to its supply chain management and manufacturing with its real-time data sharing platform.

Common use cases

Rapidly deliver solutions to common automotive industry clallenges.

Digital DNA

Digital DNA

Track and trace inventory, parts & warranty data, and shipping information across the supply chain and partners – in real time.

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Settle transactions instantly with suppliers, dealers, lenders, and customers.

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Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions

Track carbon emissions with trusted, tamper-proof, fully ledgered data.

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“BMW relies heavily on partners for flawless execution ... The beauty of Vendia’s technology is that it combines the scalability of serverless computing with the security of distributed ledger technology ... enterprises can build a data exchange system that scales with whatever project they are working on while ensuring full control over access to their data.”

- Kasper Sage, Partner at BMW i Ventures

Proof. Delivered in less than a week.

Deliver a working proof-of-concept of your real-time data sharing app, including a partner integration, in five business days.

Let us help you succeed in sharing. For free. In a week.

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