Rapid time-to-market

1 week proof-of-value.

1 month to production-grade blockchain solution.

1 hour to add partners.

Blazing fast. High throughput. Low latency.

Unparalleled speed.

70k TPS. Reads in milliseconds.

Get the scale and performance of the cloud without compromising on decentralization – out of the box.

Add partners in under an hour

Connect partners in minutes across any region and cloud – without requiring any IT resources from you or your partners.

Plus, when you evolve your data model, no coding is required to roll those changes out to your partners.

Failed blockchain project? We got you covered.

Project killed by complexity, too costly to continue, too hard for partners?

You’re not alone.

More than 50% of our customers recovered from a failed project, delivering a solution in weeks, connecting partners in minutes – at a fraction of the cost.

The best of databases + blockchain

The future is not about databases versus blockchains.

It’s about databases and blockchains as a single, unified data abstraction.

Vendia combines the best of databases and blockchains, giving you decentralization and trust of blockchain and the high throughput and availability of databases – as as a zero ops SaaS offering.

We’ve got everything you need – as a service

Vendia is the quickest, most powerful next-gen blockchain solution to deploy.

Infinite scale

Infinite scale

Take advantage of the high scale and cost efficiency of serverless. Scale even the most bursty workloads with confidence. No need to worry or pay for idle servers!

Private & permissioned

Private & permissioned

Securely share transaction data, while fine-grained access controls and built-in authentication ensure secure sharing without giving up control.

SOC2 & PCI compliant

SOC2 & PCI compliant

Get the security and governance capabilities you've come to expect from AWS, Azure, and Google – including compliance with SOC2, PCI, and more.

Zero ops

Zero ops

Deliver apps in days, add partners in minutes, and keep your data available and safe at any scale – all without deploying and managing infrastructure.


Webcast: Business use cases for blockchain

Shruthi Rao, Vendia Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder, dives into why blockchain projects fail ... and how you can get them to succeed with Vendia

Proof. Delivered in less than a week.

Deliver a working proof-of-concept of your track-and-trace app, including a partner integration, in five business days.

Let us help you succeed in sharing. For free. In a week.