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BMWDeltaAeroMexicoAtosFannie Mae
BMWDeltaAeroMexicoAtosFannie Mae

Data sharing is hard.

Data sharing between partners is even harder.

That’s why we built Vendia Share. Bring trust and a single source of truth to partner data sharing and secure, compliant, real-time collaboration — no matter your partners’  geographies, stack of systems, data architecture, or clouds.

Designed for sensitive data in regulated industries

Vendia Share is the only trusted data cloud that combines business blockchain, smart APIs, and cloud databases.

Trusted real-time data for the global enterprise

BMW Group

BMW reduces the costs of goods sold and accelerates vehicle delivery with Vendia Share, sharing real-time data with partners across their supply chain tiers.

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Resolution Life

Resolution Life gains a single source of truth, reduces the cost of validating data, and reduces the risk of costly litigation with an indisputable golden record.

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Vendia included in "Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing"

"A multicloud strategy is becoming inevitable for most global enterprises, but it brings security, integration, cost and governance challenges. CIOs should assess these Cool Vendors that are disrupting the cloud market through robust multicloud implementation products."

– Gartner 2021

Operational data sharing across multiple parties

Instant reconciliation

Eliminate the costs of manual, error-prone reconciliation from partner data. Vendia Share offers automatic, real-time reconciliation with an accurate, indisputable, and trusted source of truth.

Automatic compliance

Make GDPR, PCI, and SOC 2 compliance instant and automatic. Vendia Share bakes compliance right into the platform to help ensure data is always compliant, complete, and tamperproof.

Full chain of custody

Track and trace product DNA, inventory, customers, and shipping information across supply chain partners. Vendia Share provides a fully auditable, versioned, and immutable source of truth.


Learn how business blockchains, smart APis, and cloud databases unlock the next generation of data sharing.

Blockchains and centralized IT

Learn how conventional IT, private ledgers, and public blockchains will work together to usher in the Web 3.0 era.

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The future of APIs

Building APIs remains challenging. Explore how to evolve from "ignorant pipes" to APIs that automatically keep data consistent and correct.

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Are blockchains databases?

Are blockchains and databases on a collision course? Is the ultimate expression of data storage a combination of blockchains and databases?

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