Who we are

Vendia is a venture-backed Saas startup founded in 2020 by Dr. Tim Wagner and Shruthi Rao.

Wagner is the inventor of AWS Lambda and the "Father of Serverless" computing. Rao is the founder of AWS Blockchain and led its GTM program before founding Vendia.

Our flagship product is Vendia Share, and it’s trusted by leaders in both grassroots nonprofits and the Global 2000.

Meet the founders

Tim Wagner, Ph.D., and Shruthi Rao envisioned a better way for businesses to share data and, at the same time, eliminate cost centers.

Check out their origin story

As they talked with +1,100 technology and line of business leaders, they discovered they all needed the same thing — a way to accelerate time to innovation and share a single copy of truth, no matter what technology they and their data-sharing partners use.

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What we do

Our SaaS platform makes it possible for companies and nonprofits to participate in a real-time data ecosystem — all with a shared but single, accurate, complete, compliant, and automated source of truth.

We deliver Truth-as-a-service, no matter how many data sources or their points of origin.

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How we do it

We’ve built the only trusted shared data exchange that combines the best of business blockchain, Smart APIs, and cloud database technology as a single, scalable Saas platform.

The platform is Vendia Share, and we’re trusted by startups, the Global 2000, and government-sponsored enterprises alike.

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Our vision

Responsible, compliant, real-time data sharing has the power to transform industries, customer experiences, and communities — all for the better.

At Vendia. we want to live in a world where there’s far more time, talent, and money spent on indisputable truth, earned trust, and valuable innovation.

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Fast facts about Vendia and how we help our customers


Avg. reduction in manual, multi-source data reconciliation costs with Vendia Share


Avg. reduction in time spent investigating and resolving data  inconsistencies thanks to Vendia Share


Avg. single customer savings in Year One when operating on the Vendia Share platform

+50% MoM

Avg. increase in customer API calls to deliver an up-to-date, auto-reconciled golden record


Vendia was founded with $20MM in Series A funding


We earned an additional $30MM in Series B investment

$50 MM

Vendia’s total funding from trusted IT and SaaS focused VCs who value relationships as much as results

11 - 4 - 3

Our remote-first team of kind humans operates across 11 U.S. states, four countries, and three continents

Vendians at our company onsite, Unify, in San Diego, CA USA

Vendia's values



We build trust with customers and each other by working as a team, operating with transparency, and using good judgment.


We embrace tough questions with curiosity, and we’re always learning. We’re creative, inventive, and trailblazing.


We are builders with a growth mindset. We don’t settle. Instead, we strive and continuously improve in all that we do.


We own our successes and failures. We respectfully question each other, ask for feedback, and speak up if concerns arise.


We GSD. Outcomes-focused, we balance speed with control. We think big, take calculated risks, and deliver reliably.

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At Vendia, we work as kind humans who share our best selves with our customers and one another. Join us and solve hard, important problems as we work in the spirit of mutual service and excellence.

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Reconcile or track and trace data instantly, accurately, securely, and compliantly with fine-grained control — no matter how many or how varied your architecture, infrastructure, partners, or inputs are.

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