Vendia’s Kind Humans Only Policy

You know that feeling, where you hate coming into work because you know...That Person will be there. The one who makes your life miserable. Who makes you feel like you’re not worthy. Who finds ways to turn what should be a professional and enjoyable work environment into a nightmare. And yet, you can’t get away from them, because they’re a VP or an early employee or considered “too important to upset”.

Well not at Vendia. As founders, we’ve decided life is too short to work with people who make us, or the people who work with us, miserable. So in order to work here, we insist that potential employees sign the following policy in addition to our standard employee Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policies:

I pledge to be kind, courteous, and professional - not just in front of customers or when my manager is present but at all times and to all my fellow employees. I agree that there are no mitigating circumstances for treating my fellow employees badly - deadlines, high pressure engagements, or difficult operational situations are reasons to care more for the people around me, not less. I agree that rank, title, tenure, and role are not a factor in how I treat people and that everyone deserves my respect and consideration. I understand that Vendia has zero tolerance for racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any form of language that degrades, humiliates or belittles others and I pledge to hold myself and my colleagues to a standard of acceptance and inclusion where we all feel welcome. When I provide feedback to others it will be in a professional manner and handled in accordance with Vendia’s HR policies, not as hearsay, gossip, or backstabbing. I understand that being nice is not inconsistent with giving and getting feedback, performance-based compensation, or the at-will nature of my employment. If I mess up, I agree to apologize, and if I mess up repeatedly I acknowledge and agree that I will be terminated for cause…because only kind humans work here.

Vendia - Love where you work!