Eliminate costs and accelerate innovation.

There's no longer any need to DIY or recreate an enterprise-grade backend.

No more DIY roadblocks

The operational and opportunity costs of building secure data sharing solutions, especially for point-to-point APIs between partners, are staggering.

Companies have tried various approaches to lower these costs, reduce risks, and improve time to market for IT projects. Creating solutions that can share real-time data across applications, companies, clouds, geographies, and IT stacks is both difficult and costly and, at the same time, incredibly repetitive.

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APIs, blockchains, and databases together at last.

Vendia Share combines the best functions, features, and benefits of these proven technologies and IT workhorses.

Secure sharing as a service

Avoid the complexity of building multi-cloud, custom AuthN and AuthZ services with Vendia Share.

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Multi-party data sharing in real-time

Share real-time data across multiple parties with fine-grained access control. The right partners see the right data at the right time. No exceptions.


Easy connection for partners

Connecting to a secure Vendia Share application is as simple as scanning a QR code. Invite partners with a click from an email, or a scan from a phone.

Multi-cloud support built-in

Partners can operate in any cloud, making it easy to include any partner in any region or cloud without the need to build and run multi-cloud infrastructure.

Easy to start, easy to use

BYO Schema

Vendia Share translates your JSON schema into customized Serverless resources. Plus, with schema evolution support, it’s easy to evolve the data model quickly and responsivelyas the business needs change.

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Auto-generated APIs and databases

Vendia Share's smart APIs connect to your data model — data-aware APIs that run on the fully-managed https-based GraphQL engine for reading and writing your data with full type checking.

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Powerful data layer

Multiple data types

Store and share files along with structured data. With Vendia Share, files are handled as a built-in feature with full ACID support, just like other data types.

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Unlimited, immutable storage

Combine the security, unlimited long-term data storage, and easy queryability of conventional databases with the tamper-proof immutability of a distributed ledger.

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Enterprise capabilities built-in

Cloud scale and resiliency

High-speed data replication and consensus mechanism emulate a blockchain’s ability to create consistent replicas, but with massive parallelization and cloud-enabled scale and throughput.

Enterprise integration

Seamless connection with common systems of record (like Salesforce.com and SAP) and egress to analytics solutions (like Snowflake and Databricks) make Vendia Share easy to integrate.

Out-of-box compliance

Ensure data is always and instantly compliant, complete, and tamperproof. Vendia Share bakes in compliance so GDPR, PCI, and SOC 2 compliance are automatic.

Get started with Vendia Share

The Vendia Share platform eliminates the need for DIY API creation and the underlying infrastructure design, provisioning, and management.

All you need is a JSON schema. Vendia Share does the rest.

Vendia Share compiles that schema into Serverless resources customized to your model and then deploys a powerful, fully-managed https-based GraphQL engine for reading and writing your data, with full type checking.

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