Real-time data to power personalization

Give customers personalized offers based on travel history, loyalty status, inventory, preferences, and more.

Move away from out-of-date, batch processed data, and bring customers a fast, personalized experience to make their next trip the best yet.

A single source of truth

Connect dispersed data in real-time.

Gain a single source of truth across applications, datastores, and even partner systems of record.

Whether sharing data across applications, clouds, geographies, or companies, Vendia is designed to make it easy to share real-time data across those boundaries.

Onboard partners in days

Connect partners in days, not months.

Vendia makes it easy and painless to onboard partners – even when they run in other clouds – all without writing any code.

Common use cases

Our next-gen blockchain platform helps Fortune 1000 travel companies achieve breakthrough results – from personalized offers and real-time loyalty points reconciliation to sharing data with joint venture partners and franchises.

Personalize offers

Personalize offers

Share customer profile, travel history, and session data anonymously – across sellers and providers to personalize offers.

Enhance loyalty programs

Enhance loyalty programs

Delight your most loyal customers with the best customer experience, best redemption options, and shared loyalty points across your alliance partners.

Enable strategic sales

Enable strategic sales

Enable strategic sales by sharing account and sales data with partners – across different CRMs, multiple clouds, and disparate systems of record.


Why do so many data sharing projects fail?

Join co-founder Shruthi Rao for a discussion on why most blockchain projects are expensive and fail.

Luckily, serverless technology and blockchain-as-a-service are here to help teams build scalable, trusted, data sharing networks. A must-watch for any teams considering blockchain or distributed ledger projects.

Proof. Delivered in less than a week.

Deliver a working proof-of-concept, including a partner integration in five business days.